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Major Woody's Wild Foursomes
Available Fall 2020. Check Back Soon.
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Major Woody is hosting game night with Anita Kock, Jack Schitt, Wilma Dikfit and 16 other dirty named people looking for a good time. It抯 your job to give them the wild foursome they deserve. You抣l play cards like, 揜ed Hugh Jaynus?and 揃lack Harry Beaver?as you try placing your chips in rows of four on the big board. Play your cards right with strategy, luck, and a little help from Major Woody, and you抣l score some wild foursomes!

Ages:伟德体育 17+ / 2-4 Players 

Box Size:伟德体育 10.5" x 8" x 2"

Components: 92 Playing Cards starring People with Dirty Names, Big Gameboard, 128 Custom Chips, and Easy Rules

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